San Marcos Farmers Market: 3/4/2017

Despite the rainy, cold weather, today’s farmers market succeeded in drawing people outdoors. Two lovely people purchased a couple of my art pieces. One, a friend whom I grew up with, purchased my sketch of a sleepy fenec fox. The other, a young man from France, purchased my Texas themed drawing which contained many popular Texas slang. In addition, I met some other lovely people who bought some of my baked goods from me. The baked goods sold today were my Original Almond Chocolate Brownie, Almond Vanilla Blondie, and Orange Poppy Seed Loaf. The top seller was the Orange Poppy Seed Loaf. I believe its vegan quality is what sold it to customers. Pertaining to my baked goods customers, one was an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a while; therefore, it was nice catching up. Also, my lovely roommate brought her wonderful parents whom I greatly enjoyed meeting. All-in-all, the San Marcos Farmers Market perseveres through all forms of challenging weather! I cannot wait for more experiences at the next market. Hope to see y’all there:)

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  1. Michele Jeter says:

    One of my favorite weekend treats is to go to the Farmers Market!

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