Winter Wonderland

  As the night grew darker; the world began to freeze, the wind roared, the snow twirled, the sky disappeared, the animals hid, and the storm ragged. White masses of congealed moisture violently flew through the sky engulfing the moon and sparkling stars; therefore, the world did not know light that frightful, stormy night. Every soul in the universe was shivering not only with chills but also with the anxiety of never seeing the sun smile upon the land to banish the violent weather. However; there was one, small child that saw this night in a different view.
     As this child, with hair as bleached as the snow and skin so fair it appeared the sun had never kissed her face and her eyes a blue like a frozen pond, peered upon the raging storm, she imagined everything as if it were a human being much like herself. When the wind howled, she felt the heavens in sorrow, moreover, where the trees fought to stand still against the battering wind and heavy snow, she saw a man withstanding the struggles of life and never deserting his hopes. The glistening snowflakes represented light hearted persons obeying everyone’s commands in fear of displeasing those around them. Furthermore, the sheltered creatures of the wild, belonging to both sky and earth, represented the humans who are so frightened to take a leap of faith that they never step out of their comfort zones. The child was entranced with the scene before her glistening eyes that sleep was struggling to grasp her; however, the mesmerizing snow flurries eventually handed the girl over to the land of dreams.
     With the rising sun, sleep fled from the child; therefore, her eyelids shot open reveling wide, excited eyes. The cause of her sudden awakening was the memory of the storm last night. To confirm her thoughts, she rapidly lifted her fragile head to allow the sights of the outdoors to be revealed to her through the arched window where she still lay for she had fallen asleep while admiring the spectacular weather. As the child gazed at the window, she had difficulty seeing the outdoors; therefore, she rubbed her eyes with clinched, small fists in an attempt to banish all sleepiness. When she pulled her hands away from her face, her eyes gradually refocused on the window. To the child’s disappoint her view to the winter world was still opaque. Before she allowed frustration to dwindle her excitement, she rubbed her right palm across the window. When her hand contacted the glass, chills radiated swiftly through the child’s delicate, pale arm; however, the lake of heat increased her heartbeat with joy. Furthermore, the action succeeded in allowing her to see the mounds of settled snow, the branches of weighted trees, and the dances of snowflakes. The sight confirmed that the storm the previous evening did occur.

     The child scurried eagerly towards the entrance of her abode to escape into the snowy, congenial playground. As she traveled, she passed her composed bed and weaved throughout the place she called home. Once she arrived at her destination, her pink, populous boots and her sapphire, bulky coat were passionately waiting for her appearance. The child swiftly grabbed her coat as she easily slipped her diminutive feet into the boots. Even though the coat had not fully engulfed her in its warm embrace, she was heaving the massive, red door open that would transport her into a field of winter. With the barrier between her and a world of white swung aside, the small girl in pink boots and a sapphire coat imprinted the untouched snow. The girl leaped with joy. The crunching snow beneath her feet exhilarated her causing her to run faster. The chilled breeze upon her face encouraged her to grin larger. While running freely, a stone caught her cumbersome boots throwing her to the ground. With contact to the ground snow dance in the air and settled upon the girl.  Instead of frustration leaving her lips, giggles escaped from her as she licked snow around her lips. Quickly turning over she extended her arms and legs. Then she pushed snow aside as she waved her arms and legs. Feeling satisfied, she stood to witness her masterpiece. A proud smile appeared on her face as she turned and skipped from the sight.

      While light-heartedly skipping, she kicked snow into the air then rain through the falling flakes with her head turned up eyes closed and tongue out. Once the detailed flakes contacted her out-stretched tongue, the snow dissipated into her thirsty mouth from the warm touch. The day continued as the cheerful girl lived every moment in the chilly atmosphere. The following are results of her adventure: snowmen, snow angels, and footprints. As the day grew old, the sun warmed the earth to a tempter that creatures began to venture from their abodes. Brilliantly red cardinals fluttered from branch to branch above the child’s bobbing head. Moments passed that the girl would lie facing the sky to rest her heaving lunges. As she lounged, she would marvel at the red blurs and how the snow fell from the wobbled branches caused by the energized birds. The falling snow danced downward in a spiral path as it grew larger with its approach to the child’s flawless features. Throughout the day, the girl repeated her games until the approaching darkness began to transform the white wonderland into a black abyss. The darkness’ claw grabbed at the girl’s flopping coat while she ran home. The sharp claw expanded across the landscape engulfing everything in its path; however, the small girl swiftly escaped its clutches as she slammed her home’s entry door causing the structure to rumble with its force.
       The girl leaned against the solid door until the rapid heaving of her chest subsided. Standing the child flopped her soaked coat and dripping boots onto the wooden floor before leaving the entry way. As she tiredly walked towards her room, she passed a crackling fire in the hearth but paid it no attention. It was not the warmth of a fire that beckoned her, but the frosty window in her bedroom. As a result; she entered her room, grabbed her pillow, and rested her weary head upon the window seal. Sleep dragged her onto Dream Island as the memories of the winter wonderland kissed her pale check.


-Emma 🙂 from OwlWrite

Insta: @03_emma, @healthaddict97, @artsy_to_the_bone

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